Who are Fingate Solutions?

Fingate Solutions is a lending platform offering consumers the convenience one application to access multiple finance providers. The advantage is more choice and because lenders make decisions on using credit score risk, Fingate has various lenders who cover a broad range of risk profiles thereby achieving both a high acceptance rate along with the benefit of risk-based interest rates – not a single high rate as typically seen.

Who can use Fingate Solutions?

Here’s what you’ll need to complete your application:

  • You must be a NZ Citizen / Permanent Resident and currently living in New Zealand.
  • You must be older than 18 years of age.
  • Your weekly, fortnightly or monthly income (after tax)
  • Have an NZ bank account
  • Your employment details
  • Current proof of identity (Passport, Drivers Licence)
  • Agree to a credit check, our authorisation statement & terms and conditions

How do I use Fingate Solutions?

Fingate Solutions can be used at Luxury Watch in-store or online through the webpage link.

How do you use Fingate Solutions during the checkout?

Enter the information requested by the Fingate Solutions online finance form and once completed an approval will be provided almost instantaneously (subject to meeting the lenders credit criteria & providing all information requested)

Once your finance application is approved, and you have authorised your loan, we’ll contact you and prepare your item for pickup..

What does it cost to use Fingate Solutions?

Fingate Solutions itself is a lender platform. Please check the rates, fees and terms and conditions of the finance offer you receive from the approving lender for the details of what your costs will be.

What are the lending policies?

Fingate Solutions offers a range of lenders all with potentially different policies and criteria. This is one of the advantages of the platform, offering range of opportunity and choice. All lenders are Registered Financial Service Providers and Members of the Financial Dispute Resolution Service. 

Who do I contact about refunds?

You’ll need to contact us at Luxury Watch as the retailer.


What is Laybuy?

Laybuy is a Buy Now Pay Later provider offering no sign-up fees, no interest and 6 automatic weekly payments for good you can take at point of purchase and approval.

Laybuy NZ

How do can I use Laybuy?

If you do not have a Laybuy account you will be able to create one at checkout.

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